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Thursday, 28 April 2011

stand and deliver

This movie Stand and deliver is a movie about a teacher Edward James who his kids were accused

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

ipads for kids

Well what I think about this article of 2nd and 3rd graders using pads is yeah they might think it is cool to have pads and that it is really fun buy what I am thinking is that they should not work on that to much because kids need to write the most and when they are on the pads they draw and write with there finger tips and they need to write with there pencils.But although I think it is also a good idea because when you grow up you are also going to have to know how to use the computer and how to look up stuff you don't know this idea is  also good because kids should know allot about computers because well I burly started on computers in 6th grade and I new nothing about them until now and I am not saying it is bad but I know only a little bit of computers.I really like this idea because they need to know how to use computer pods but at the same time I think it is a bad idea because I think if they spend too much time on them than they might forget how to use a pencil.

Friday, 15 April 2011


What I have done on my game demo is I have done my picture for the beginning also I have included colors and background settings I have been adding colors to everything to make it colorful and fun for people to see and know about what I am doing for my game.My game is an action game and I really think people will like my game demo and my game because it is cool and fun.My progress with my game demo is I have added lots of colors and pictures that relate to my game.I LOVE MY GAME

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


  • Intro screen: My title of my game is happy dog because you are trying to make the dog happy by giving him the correct factor bone.

  • Team Introduction:The boss of this game is me and me only it is only one person who made this game happy dog.

  • Audience:The people that I desighned my game for is kids because if I did it for adults than it would be to easy.

  • Gameplay: Ok if you play my game than you would see a dog on a big rock and bones on the left and how do you play this game well you have to put the factors of 20 from the bones in the dogs bowl to make him happy and if you get it wrong than it pops out and you try agian and you only have 40 second to do it.

  • Learning Goal: Well if you play my game than it will hopefully let you remember the factors of 20.

  • Fun Factor: What I think is fun about my game is that I wanted to make it different from everyone elses because I want it to stand out.

  • Smart Factor: What someone can learn about it is what are the factors of 20 and you can also remember them from my game.

  • Style Factor: My style of my game is a dog and making it happy by giving it the right factor bone.

  • Originality Factor: What makes my game uniqe is that it was made by me.

  • Monday, 11 April 2011

    primate pile up

    This game I played was awsome  what you have to do is you have to pile up jungle animals to get to the bannana in the sky .This game gave me an idea to well probably stack things the game has different levels to go through and  after you win then you go to the next level.I really like this game because I have never seen anything like it and it is really fun I think I will do the timer like it is in the game I played because I want it to be kinda hard.The background is cool it has jungle trees and that is awesome it looks really nice I LOVE THIS GAME

    Friday, 8 April 2011

    flash work

    In flash I am proud of myself because I made my bones move and I put the numbers on them and also they look great.I made my dog different from my old one and it looks better,in flash I think I am doing good and I hope my game will be as great as I am thinking it will be because I want it to be fun so everyone would want to play it but I think my game would not be really fun for everyone to want to play it.I can't wait till my game is finished so people can play it and give me their opinion if they like it or not.************************************

    Thursday, 7 April 2011


    Dear presedent OBAMA I think it is a good idea for you to come because we are special you are probably thinking ''how is that school special" well i'll tell you why we are special we are special because we have service learning class and it really teaches you about things like college and teen dating violence also how to help the enviorment this class that I take takes us on many cool field trips that are fun and educational.My scool is a very important to me because I have learned alot from this school so it would be an honor for you to come and visit us at EAST AUSTIN COLLEGE PREP ACADEMY.If you come to are school than everyone would be very happy and exited my school is also important because we have Globaloria that will surtenetly help me in the future of my life because I will know how to copy and paste also look up stuff by myself.I really think you should come to my school because it is realy important.

    Tuesday, 5 April 2011


    If I was at a school that I could not write at all well I mean if blogging was not allowed than I would go to the Principal and I would say "DO YOU WANT THIS SCHOOL TO BE REPRESENTED WELL THAN YOU SHOULD LET KIDS HAVE THE PRIVILEGE TO HAVE ACSEES TO BLOGGER TO BACOME BETTER WRITERS"then I would take a deep breath and say "thank you very much".You see I really like blogger and I think that it is important to kids life so they can be better writers on computers and also on paper.Blogging is very important to me.