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Friday, 10 December 2010

the lottary

This vidio I saw was about lottarys for schools but not the kind of lottary were you win money the one were you pick names for kids who go to schools.The vidio was mostly about how some kids don't get in schools thay apply to.Allot of people were upset because they don't get in the kids who don't get in have to go to the same school they whent to last year and have to wait till next year to apply.This vidio is a very sad vidio because allot of kids don't get in.I liked this movie so much.

Friday, 3 December 2010


The book I am reading is ''THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK''it is about a girl who is a nice,friendly,happy kid and her sister is wanted by the natzi's at a consiontration camp and of corse they  fill you there all the time.Anne was affraid and her father did not want his daughter to go because he new what happens if you go.Anne's father had disited to go in hiding in a big warehouse so they cant find them and that is what I have read so far.I love this book so far.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I don't like the new schedule  because I don't have most of my friends with me.Also my new schedule is fun because I have most of the teachers I like first on my schedule also because I am meeting new people and they are nice and kind to me and sometimes funny.Making new friends is cool because you get to know how they act.I kind of like my schedule.

Friday, 19 November 2010


My book I have been reading is lewis and clark.The book I have read is about two men named lewis and clark on an expadition from the ST.lewis missory to the pecific ocean and back on thair expadition they descover interesting things.One day thay got lost and a naative amarican women named sacaguea helped lewis and clark find thair way back.Lewis and clark are two very strong men and sacaguea is to.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Into the armes of strangers

 Today we watched a video about the Nazi and the juwis.The natzis would kill the juwis just because there juwis people with blue eyes and blond hair are the only ones that would not be killed.If the juwis have kids that they don't whant to get hurt they send them to englend for protection.Juwis people whent in hiding when the natzis came to their place and where killing people for no rision.Natzis listend to a man that said to blam everything on the juwish.When the kids got sent of to england england people would take juwish kids home with them to  keep and love some people would make the kids survents and make them clean.The kids would write to thair parents saying how are they doing the parents would send back to them and some parents where going to be sent of to consiontration camps and people get killed over there all the time.Some kids did not know what it meant when the parents told them ''this is a finnal good-bye''and some other kids new what it meant when that was told.That is a very sad way to die.=(

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Diary of ANN FRANK is a book about a life of a girl who stays in a secret place so that they whont get killed.This book is a sad story because she has no where els to go and she can be killed any day of her life.Ann is a brave,strong,pasient,and smart person because she is living her life in a atteck for safety.I love the movie of ann frank so far because it is interesting and learnable.My thoughts about ANN is is that really the amount of family members?and how did the people know where they were.What I loved about this movie is that it showes bravery and trust.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


 My favorite thing about the mini game project is that we have steps to follow and I like following steps because it makes me fell like I am following a tresure map.The mini game project is cool but the hard part of doing it is that you have to keep up and follow the instructions and dont mess up.What whant to be able to do faster is copy stuff down faster what I whant to add on my project is more interesting animals and noy just a carrot,wolf,cocolate and a rabbit.I am glad we are doing the mini game project so that I can be able to know more about computers.

Friday, 5 November 2010

This week in globaloria

 This week in globaloria I have learned allot about computers and games.This week my callenge was that I have to keep up when we are doing something or a project because I am staying behind and then I need help caching up with the class.My challenge I HAVE ACHEVED is that I am remembering my new pasword for my blog and wiki.Globaloria is cool and fun because you get to play games,look at other blogs,learn about games,and do allot of projects.Globaloria is pretty cool and I dont really know about computers but I am learning allot in this class my success in globaloria is that I finally know how to work a computer by myself.Globaloria is a good experience for me and I like it allot.Computers are very important when you start working on them because you can easly mess up or get a viseace,computers are awsome because you can look up things that you whant like wikipedia or google how cool is that!that is awsome.I love globaloria because my teacher is teaching the class new stuff that I dont know.Globaloria is cool and I like it!

Friday, 29 October 2010

i learned this week

This week I have learned more about pollution so that I can make a game out of it.Pollution is my topic that I have chosen for a my game topic,I wanted to pick pollution because it is a problem that we need to fix but I'm not saying I can fix it but people in this world can by caring for are earth and pick up trash that people throw on the ground and don't care to pick it up.My game will probable be something like a person that has to pick up trash with a stick or another one can be something like a dog who is littering and you have to pick up after or him.All I know is that I am going to make my game fun and learnhable,my game will be a game that someone would want to play over and over again.pollution is a very bad thing to do to are world because we don't know how long we will have are world and we need to take care of it so nothing will happen to it and it can be pollution free.This world is the only world we have and we need to take care of it before something happens to it.People need to stop polluting before something bad happens or people die,my game will be awesome and cool.I learned this week about paper clips and the Jewish people and the people who suffered.I also did brain pop on pollution and slavery''pollution is bad for the earth'' because co2 is in pollution and that is bad for us to breath into are body.Did you know pollution makes are eyes water and makes are trot itch? I did not know that at all and I found that out on brain pop.Brain pop really helped me allot to find more info about pollution and other important stuff.Pollution Will end are world because pollution is making the thing that protects the earth smaller by the more we pollute.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Today I will tell you about communication to the Internet.Which website do you think is the most important to people?I think it is GOOGLE because people look up allot on google all the time.Allot of people communicate on wiki and blogger,people communicate on the computers allot.Kids really use the computer allot for raserching or comunication.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


  Today I am going to tell you about things to keep your life healthy and the planet healthy.First people should grow thair own food and get thair food from farmers market if people whant to keep thair life healty they should jog everyday and eat whole grains and should eat alot of vegetables and fruit.People get diebetes by eating alot of junk food and sweets like candy,burgers,soda,and all that other greasey food.People eat alot of fast food like McDONALDS,SHORT STOP,SONIC,JACK IN A BOX,and other fast food.

Friday, 15 October 2010


When Halloween comes up I will fill my face with candy KIT KAT,LOLLY POPS,SNICKERS,JOLLY RANCHERS AND CHOCOLATE.I cant wait till Halloween comes I will probable dress up as a vampire or a evil fairy.Halloween is awsome because you get to go to alot of houses and get candy and drees up as something scary or evil.My brother is going to be a big MnM wich will look funny because he is a 12 year old and he will be knoking into other people.My brother does not really like halloween because he gets scared easly or just don't like walking I dont know he does not tell me.Anyways I cant wait till halloween.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


  The topic I have chosen to do is pollution because it is very important to people and we can die from it.Pollution is a problem people need to fix before something bad will happen like not getting enouge oxegen and dieing,people pollute every day and every year and that is bad.One drop of papper can effect are lifes,when I reaserch pollution I am going to look up how many people pollute evrey day.People need to stop polluting so we can live healthy.


  Are class saw a video called blue gold.Blue gold is about water that people need that we are loosing and how people pollute are water,people need to take care of water better because soon we will not have water to drink if we are dehydrated.Water is very important to are life because without water we will die or get dehydrated,people pump water out of the ground because water gets traped in the ground because people put cement on ground.People do not notice that they pump up to much water and soon the trees will die and the ground will be dry.People need to stop poluting the earth.

Monday, 11 October 2010


My biggest challenge I have had are doing my learning log.My learning log is hard to keep up with because I do alot of blogs and I dont have time for my learning log.Another challenge for me is that I have to focuse more in MATH because I am scared that I will not do good in it threw the year.These are the only challenges I have to tell.

Friday, 8 October 2010


  ''yay today is friday'' I love friday because you get to write about anything  you whant on your blog.Today I am writing about friday because it is fun and awsome.Friday in globaloria we get to play games if we are done with are work today I came back to school felling ok but then my stougmake started to hurt.friday is cool and fun.


  The movie that I liked better was food inc because it showes you stuff that is really important and the danger we are in.Dirt the movie just tells you how important dirt is and how we cant live without it.The movie food inc and dirt are different from each other because food inc is telling you about food you eat that can kill you or make you sick,it also tells you about how people are giving the animals corn so they can get fater and some animals get a deses and they kill the cows and feed the cow meat to people.Dirt is telling you about dirt and how we were made of dirt and how people loves it and makes the plants grow.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


The least effective game that I played was drift runners.Drift runners is the most effective game to me because it challenges the player to see how good they can drift and not crash in anything.When I played drift runners it was fun not learning any thing,but it is kind of boring at the same time because it is not teaching you anthing good.If you want to go to a least effective game then go play drift runners.Drift runners is fun to play but not teaching you anything.


Today I am going to tell you about the similarity between the video dirt and food inc.The movie DIRT is about how dirt is important to people and how people are destroying it.The movie food inc is telling us about what you eat that can hurt you or even kill you.The similarity between food inc and dirt are that they both telling you important stuff.The different things between the movies are that food inc is talking about not healthy food and dirt is talking about how dirt is important to people.

Friday, 1 October 2010



 I LIKE GLOBALORIA BECAUSE YOU GET TO WRITE ABOUT STUFF YOU WHANT ON FRIDAY AND THE TEACHER IS NICE AND FUN.When I first came to globaloria class I thought I was going to do bad because I dont know alot about computers and typing.This school I am at now is a cool,awsome and fun school because the teachers are funny and the princible is nice to everyone.I LOVE EACPA.

Thursday, 30 September 2010


When my mom goes to back to school night the teachers will tell my mom what I have been learning threw this whole year.I think I am a good kid because I listen to teachers and follow directions as the teacher tells.Threw the whole grades I have never got in trouble with the teather I really miss my other school I was at but thair was alot of trouble with kids being bad.I love my new school sout west key.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Today I am going to tell you about the movie I saw that I thot was bad.This movie was telling you about how food that can kill you or get you sick DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT CAN KILL YOU??? well it is ecoly,ecoly is something you can get  just by eating a plain hameburger.You get ecoly by when a cow eats corn so it can get fater and it gets sick and you eat the hameburger and you get ecoly.Make a change and wach the vidio and learn something about it.

Friday, 24 September 2010


My old school was awsome because the teachers where very nice and very understanding to other kids I miss my old school GOVALLE ELEMENTRY.I will always miss all my friends,teachers and the big halls I wish I was still there with all of my awsome teachers.This school that I am at now is preety awsome to but the lockers are really small but still is awsome.The teachers are really funny and cool and I made awsome friends.I am happy with my new school.


 I am going to tell you about a social issue that I know that can kill you,DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS?well it is smoking.Smoking can kill you if you smoke for a long period of time so dont even try to start smoking because it will mess up your life and health.Smoking is very bad even if you dont think it is.Tabaco gets in your lungs and your teeth ,they start to get black and rot.People need to stop smoking because it is very bad for your body but they dont know it.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


    The most effected game I played was AYITI the cost of life this game challenges the player to help the family survive and help the kids get educated and learn new things.This game teaches you how to take care of a family so it is kinda challenging the player to how they will take care of there own  family when they get older. This game is a very good game that people should play because it is leting you excpereance a real thing that you will have to probeble go threw when you get older.This game is a really good game to play so go and  play it and have fun with it.!!!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Smoking is a problem that people have because they are addicted to it and they cant stop.If people will not stop smoking they will die ,that is how some people are dieing these days,I hope peolpe will realize what the effect is by smoking.I sometimes see people on the street smoking and I fell bad for them because I know what can happen to them.I wish I can make people stop smoking.Please stop smoking!!!!

Friday, 17 September 2010


I have 4 dogs named chopo,emma,midnight and coco.My dogs are awsome because they like to play with me.chopo is a playful animal and loves toys,emma is a sleepy dog but loves people,midnight is a dark and lazy dog and last but not least coco.Coco is a fun,playful,happy dog and he was the first dog I have ever got.My dogs rock!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

the inconvenient truth

GLOBAL WARMING  is dangerous to people and animals because it kills them or distroys thair homes.The film that I saw was telling me about how global warming is changing each year and that the sun is getting hoter.algor was saying global warming ment alot to him because animals were dieing and  distroying peoples homes.


I like raceing games better then action because you compete aginsed other cars.On playing to learn I like to play drift runners because you have to no when to drift the car and you have to be fast at it.I really like to play plaing to lean games because they are fun and interesting.Drift runners is a fast bummpy drifting experience.I am good at playing drift runners and bad at playing raceing for justice.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Favorite video game

My favorite vidio game is me and my brothers wii but the game i like to play on the wii is super mario galaxy and super mario bro.Those are my favorite games I like to play because thay are awsome.The wii is the first game I have ever got.

Friday, 10 September 2010

first week

my first week of school was exiting because i made new friends.sixth grade is kind of hard because you get alot of homework and you have to know when to turn it in .sometimes you forget to do it and you get in trouble