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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


    1)MY BIG IDEA!!My learning topic for this game was to help teach other kids about math but with a fun topic.2)REASEARCH!!what i reasearched was that math can be in any form and will still teach you someting anyways what i found out about my game is that you can learn from it by addition.3)MAKING DECISIONS!!I had alot of ideas on my game and my game kept changing because I wanted all my ideas iin it and some just didnt work out for my game so I couldent put them in there.4)MASTERING PROGRAMMING!!the ingrediants that helped me the most are the codes and the art work I did helped me to.5)OVERCOMING CHALLENGES!!the challenges I had to overcome is...? putting the codes in the right spot and doing things right so my game can work and making no mistakes.