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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I can't wait till I go to schliterbahn it is going to be soo fun I am going to get on all of the rides with my friends.When I am at schliterbahn I am going to have allot of fun because I haven't went to schliterbahn since I was four.I am so exited to go,I have been waiting for this all school year and now it has finally come and I will be going this Friday.I love my school and last Friday I went to NASA and I really liked it, it was cool I took pictures of my friends and other things like the space ship and the big playground well anyways I am SO exited.This week I am going to schliterbahn,I am going to an award ceremony,My game is one of the finalist,And I am very happy, I love my life SO much and I will never stop liking my life I will always love it.!!!!!!!