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Friday, 25 March 2011


On the weekend guess what I am going to go fishing with my dad and my family it is going to be fun we are going on Saturday and I hope we get allot of fish so I can eat it all.Oh I have collected allot of eggs from my chickens and now I have 6 or 8 eggs but I can never get 12 eggs because my  grandma always has to eat one every day but my goal is to get all 12 eggs and by monday I will probably have 12 by then only if my grandma did not eat one today.Allso for my cool weekend I am going to spend time with my dogs especialy my little chihuahua named cocoa because he is the first dog I have ever got and he is really old he is 8 years old I got him when I was 4 and he is my favorite dog out of 3 other ones chapo,emma,and midnight.I will do allot of drawing this week and I will be drawing allot of dogs they are soo cute with there little doggie eyes I just live them so much.I am allso going to be on my computer and sending mesagges to my friends allso I will be talking more to my grandma the other thing that I am going to be doing is playing outside with my best friend in the whole world my dog cocoa I allway tell him everything if I have a problem than I tell him.I love weekends they are soo fun you get to do whatever you want I am planing to go to the 200th level on the cool math games on the bloons game.***$$$***$$$***$$$***$$$


The movie whatever it takes is about a school that incureges kids to go to college and it teaches them allot and most of the kids at that school passes and get good grades but thair was one girl who was not getting good grades and the princible told her if she does not inprove than she can get kiced out.She ends up passing and going to college so she can get a job or whatever she whants to do in there life.I liked this movie alittle bit it was ok.

bloon tower defence 3

bloons tower defence is a game thet you have to pop all the bloons and if they pass then you lose a life and there are 100 lives and also you have different things to pop them with and the highest level you go to is 50 and I got to that level a million times it is real easy.I love it allot because I can beat it allot of times.You should play this game and I like it allot it is really fun.I think this game is ment for you to focuse and to learn how to keep the bloons from pooping.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The movie wizard is about a boy who trys to go to California allot of times and the police think it will be best if he gets a new home but his brother does not want him to.They meet a girl and the brother and the girl find out that the little brother jimmy is good at games so they decide to enter a game competition to get  $50,0000 I think to keep his brother oh and wile they are doing this they ran off to California to the competition.At the end they end up winning and they get the money.I like this movie because it is cool and fun because there is games in it.*****

Friday, 11 March 2011

spring break

This spring break I am going to do 30 things these thing are 1=I am going to spend time with my wonderful family because I never get to be with them since homework is in the way and I have to eat then go to sleep ok  2=I am going to draw until my fingers fall off the only time I get to draw is if I am done with my homework but by then I fell like they have already fell off so yea 3= I am going to wait until wensday to collect my chicken eggs and then eeat them with tabasco yum 4= I am going to play with my best friend on her tire swing and talk to her oh and also talk on the phone shhhh 5= I am going to go to zilker parks lake and I am going to take my dog cocoa and I am going to have fun next I am going to just guess on spring break what to do next.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


I have 4 dogs and 6 chickens and they are a big hand full but they are really cute and they keep me allot of company at home.My dogs are sooo cute I have 1 golden rechriver 1 labandor half bull another labandor and a small lovable nice chiuahua named cocoa.My chickens are makala,brownie,bell,sunshine,max,and homer but I kinda hate them all so yea yea........Oh I have one chicken who is sick and I I cured her oh ya!! I wanta be a vet when I growa up I am just so happy right now!!!! ya! ok thats what I wanted to right about soooo bye bye people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


What I think my life will be happy because I am living a happy life now and I hope it will stay the same.I want my life to be good and not bad because I plan to take care of my mom and dad also my grandma I would help them with there bills and would buy everything they need for the house.I am going to like my life when I grow up and I can't wait to get older so I can do what I want and be a vet because I love animals.I already want to grow up!!

Monday, 7 March 2011


Making a paper prototype helps me with making my game because it puts an idea in my head and when I put the idea in my head I won't forget it and I cann look back on it and see if I forgot to add something and that also helps me by making it the way I wanted it when it was in my mind.These are my thoughts on making a  paper prototype before making my final game I really like the idea on doing that so I won't forget what was in my mind before.Making a paper prototype is very smart to do and I like doing it before something big also it refreshes your mind.I*!ove*paper*prototype*$*$*$*$

Friday, 4 March 2011


 Saterdays are the best days in my whole life because I get to do watever I want but my favorite thing to do is to play at lanks house on her tire swing because she lives next door to me and she is my friend.The other thing I like to do is play with my awsome brother manuel tomas he is the best brother anyone could have and I love him also I love to draw and listen to music because it makes me forget about everything hat is bad.I LOVE WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!