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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


This movie is a very interesting movie and the important peolpe are jim lovell,jack swigert,and fred haise these people are really inspiring people because these people practiced every day but  3 days before they were going to the moon the maneger was afraid that one of the men might get mezils so he was not going to be able to go with jim and fred to the moon when they got another man to replace him they took of to the moon but there was a problem and there was an explosion on the ship there was no way they where going to get back to earth but the people on earth where not going to give up so the 3 men
struggled to earth
they had to turn off
all the power and
 they had to fight for
25 days through cold
 and sleepy eyes.

Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., lunar module pilot, walks on the surface of the Moon.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


This book is about a kid named Percy Jackson that is a troubled kid and his class goes on a  field trip to a Metropolitan museum of art but there is a girl named nancy who picks on his friend gunter and he finds out that his teacher Ms.doxon is a vilen and his other teacher Mr.Brunner throws him a pen and it turnes into a sord and he slices the sord through  her and she turnes to sand.It was weird to  percy because when he comes from distroying the teacher Ms doxon Mr Brunner acts like there was never a Ms doxon ever so he kind of thought that percy was sick or kind of crazy.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

my game

My game is like so cool to me at least and I am very happy with it and also I am going tonasa because I got nominated and I am like soo exited I can't wait to go but I whent last year but still exited to go.When I told my mom the good news she was so happy and impressed because I really did not know alot about computers and she said I have learned alot.I am so happy right now so happy I can scream my head off but I am kind of sad because I have not been spending much time with my grandma and she has no one to talk to at her house ecsept for me.I AM SO HAPPY.

Monday, 16 May 2011

what I have learned this year

 This year I have learned allot one of the big things I have learned was how to make a game and I got nominated for one of the good games and I am SO exited and I will be going to NASA even know I went last year I can't wait to go this year I love my school SO much another thing I have learned was how to copy and paste,open a new tab,work in flash,make a password,make drag and drop,and last but not least is MAKE A GAME yea and an awesome game that got nominated and I know my mom will be inpressed and very happy because I never new allot about computers and I have improved allot.I know that when I am older I will be good at working on computers because I did not know how to type at a good pas and now I can type really good and I know where each letter is I really like computers.The most thing I have in proved on is copy and pasting also  being able to make my game better and some other stuff.I really came to like computers allot and I love them so much I have learned allot and I would like to learn more.

Monday, 2 May 2011


I am going to blog about dogs do you know why? OK because well my dog ran away 5 weeks ago and I know one fact that she's not coming back and I miss her because she would always protect me from strangers.I only have 3 now dogs Emma,chopo,and coco also 6 chickens but I am thankful to even have animals.Animals are SO cute and they are important to my life because you can count on them to love you and to be your best friend forever.I love dogs because they are really cute,playful,fun,nice,trustworthy,and you can count on them any time.