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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


    1)MY BIG IDEA!!My learning topic for this game was to help teach other kids about math but with a fun topic.2)REASEARCH!!what i reasearched was that math can be in any form and will still teach you someting anyways what i found out about my game is that you can learn from it by addition.3)MAKING DECISIONS!!I had alot of ideas on my game and my game kept changing because I wanted all my ideas iin it and some just didnt work out for my game so I couldent put them in there.4)MASTERING PROGRAMMING!!the ingrediants that helped me the most are the codes and the art work I did helped me to.5)OVERCOMING CHALLENGES!!the challenges I had to overcome is...? putting the codes in the right spot and doing things right so my game can work and making no mistakes.

Friday, 19 October 2012


The very first time I worked in flash I was thinking that It was fun and very interesting I also thought that it wasent like anything I have doon before and that I liked it alot and knew I had alot of interesting ideas to do in the future,I knew I was going to have fun working in flash.What I would like to do next is a jumping a plate form or a game we could make up ourselfs and our own ideas.I belive that we should make a game that we want and from our own ideas and exacly the way we wanted. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

drawing a scene

Drawing a scene was easy for me because I love to draw and I already had in mind on what I wanted it to be like and how the game would work.Drawing a scene helps me to imagine how my game will work and how it will come out.It also gives me an idea on what I can add to my game and what I can do to it to make it better and improve it.Making my background in flash was exiting to do and I cant wait till it is done and working.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Paper Prototype Part 1

By doing my paper prototype it helped me see how my game would be like and how I would draw everything it also helped me solve the things that would really fit in my game and understand it better.My game gave me an idea of what to put in it to go with whats goin on in it.I now understand my game better by doing a paper prototype.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Planning a game scene

My plan for this game is to have it  based on multiplication and what I will have in my game is there will be a pet shop and there will be a lady who is wanting a dog but before that happends the player has to help the pet shop lady multiply all the animals and put them all in the right pen.After that the player will have to do some problems to unlock the combination to the door then you have to pay the money and count it then you get your dog.And you win he game and you did multipliation.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Game Idea!!:P

My game idea is that I want or,is thinking about making my game about little cartoons? no i really dont know but what would be cool is that I would get some cartoons from different shows and I could take part off them and hide them then the player could try to put the cartoon back together.Or I could make a dog and I could give it allot of bones then a tornado came and put his bones every were and the player has to find all the bones in the backyard that would be cool.:P

Hidden Objest Game

What we did in class today was we played a hidden object game named its name was kitty math and what we had to do was find all the cats that are in the tree.My ideas I have is I learned the game and  that I could hide something behind something else.I think If I had a game like this or making a game like this I would look and reasurch allot of other game that have hidden objects and I would hide my objects behind other things I would make my game really cool and really hard were people could never fnd the objects I would really make my game creative and fun because I love making games.