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Friday, 25 February 2011


This vidio is about a man who's name is malcom and what he did was he wanted what was suposed to be right like fredoom and to be fair.This movie was sad because malcom dies and his family is very sad.people wanted to kill him because they did'nt like him or agree with his speeches malcom became a public speacer and he visited different places and everyone loved him and speaches.malcom was 39 years old when he died.Everyone was sad when he died because he was an example to everyone.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

thoughts on globaloria

My thoughts on globaloria are that ever since I have entered in globaloria I have improved on what I know about computers even my mom is surprised because I know so much.When I first stepped foot in the class room I had know clue on how to use a computer and what to do on it.I really started to like this class even though I thought I was going to do bad and fail but i'm doing preety good in this class and this has turned out to be the best class I have ever had in my whole life.I LOVE GLOBALORIA!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

1. One thing I have learned in Globaloria is…    is how to work in flash.
2. My favorite thing about my Globaloria class is…    is you get to work on computers. 

3. I think being in Globaloria now will help me in the future because… I will know things that I learned in 6th grade already.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

drag and drop

My drag and drop game is going to be a line parted between the screen and on one side there is going to be bones with numbers on them and my number you have to get factors to is 16 and on the other side there is going to be a bowl and a dog.If you give the dog the wrong factor than he will spit it out and you have to try agin to give him the the right factor to make him have a good meal and to be happy and to like you so please give him the right bone!!! I really like my factor game because I like my picture and it makes since to me and I don't think it is boring to me I hope other people like my game as much as I do because it is has dogs in it and everyone has to love dogs also because the number 16 is an easy number to get factors to. thats all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

mad hot ballroom dancing

The main message of the movie is that kids danced and they had fun and they won the first trophy and they were really happy.The movie was about kids who enter ballroom dancing and they have a good time dancing and all the kids who are in it they canged thair lifes by being good or getting better grades because they really want to be in ballroom dancing so they do what they have to do like get better grades.At the finals they try thair best to win and get the trophy and they ended up getting the first medal and they were very happy and they also beated the other team who won last year but for my opinion I tought they were not very good at dancing and the team that won deserved to win because they were really good at every dance that they did I was happy for them.I liked this movie because they danced really good

Friday, 11 February 2011

mad hot ballroom dancing

this movie was about kids who enter in ballroom dancing and they dance until they pick somekids to go to the final dance compatition and they dance with there partner and if they win then they get a tropy and a bag of candy.This movie is mostly about 5th graders who dance in new york.I kinda liked this movie.


The movie malcom was about wite people who dress up in wite sheets and they go to black peoples houses and they do mean things to them and alot of them die or get hurt very bad.This movie is sad because back then they treated black people very bad but thanks to martin luter king he put the f in freedom and now there is freedom in the world.I really liked this movie.

Monday, 7 February 2011

1. What did you learn from playing Oregon Trail?
    to stay alive.
2. What did you like most about the game?
    alot of action.
3. What did you like the least about the game?
    the pictures
4. What are some ideas from the game that you could add to your own game? Please think of at least two.  action.
1.Who do you think this game was made for?
      me because I like adventures.2. What does the player see and do?
      they hunt for food and take care of there members.
3. What are the rules and how do you win?
      you have to stay alive.4. What is the goal of the game?
      you have to get to oregon
5. What will the player learn by playing this game?
6. What makes this game fun for the player?
       thing go wrong once in a wile.
7. What kind of graphic/animation are in the game? 
     old pictures.
8. What kind of sounds are in the game?
       kid songs.
9. What makes this game special and unique?
        you have a wagon.
10. Why will it sell?
       because it is fun.