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Friday, 19 November 2010


My book I have been reading is lewis and clark.The book I have read is about two men named lewis and clark on an expadition from the ST.lewis missory to the pecific ocean and back on thair expadition they descover interesting things.One day thay got lost and a naative amarican women named sacaguea helped lewis and clark find thair way back.Lewis and clark are two very strong men and sacaguea is to.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Into the armes of strangers

 Today we watched a video about the Nazi and the juwis.The natzis would kill the juwis just because there juwis people with blue eyes and blond hair are the only ones that would not be killed.If the juwis have kids that they don't whant to get hurt they send them to englend for protection.Juwis people whent in hiding when the natzis came to their place and where killing people for no rision.Natzis listend to a man that said to blam everything on the juwish.When the kids got sent of to england england people would take juwish kids home with them to  keep and love some people would make the kids survents and make them clean.The kids would write to thair parents saying how are they doing the parents would send back to them and some parents where going to be sent of to consiontration camps and people get killed over there all the time.Some kids did not know what it meant when the parents told them ''this is a finnal good-bye''and some other kids new what it meant when that was told.That is a very sad way to die.=(

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Diary of ANN FRANK is a book about a life of a girl who stays in a secret place so that they whont get killed.This book is a sad story because she has no where els to go and she can be killed any day of her life.Ann is a brave,strong,pasient,and smart person because she is living her life in a atteck for safety.I love the movie of ann frank so far because it is interesting and learnable.My thoughts about ANN is is that really the amount of family members?and how did the people know where they were.What I loved about this movie is that it showes bravery and trust.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


 My favorite thing about the mini game project is that we have steps to follow and I like following steps because it makes me fell like I am following a tresure map.The mini game project is cool but the hard part of doing it is that you have to keep up and follow the instructions and dont mess up.What whant to be able to do faster is copy stuff down faster what I whant to add on my project is more interesting animals and noy just a carrot,wolf,cocolate and a rabbit.I am glad we are doing the mini game project so that I can be able to know more about computers.

Friday, 5 November 2010

This week in globaloria

 This week in globaloria I have learned allot about computers and games.This week my callenge was that I have to keep up when we are doing something or a project because I am staying behind and then I need help caching up with the class.My challenge I HAVE ACHEVED is that I am remembering my new pasword for my blog and wiki.Globaloria is cool and fun because you get to play games,look at other blogs,learn about games,and do allot of projects.Globaloria is pretty cool and I dont really know about computers but I am learning allot in this class my success in globaloria is that I finally know how to work a computer by myself.Globaloria is a good experience for me and I like it allot.Computers are very important when you start working on them because you can easly mess up or get a viseace,computers are awsome because you can look up things that you whant like wikipedia or google how cool is that!that is awsome.I love globaloria because my teacher is teaching the class new stuff that I dont know.Globaloria is cool and I like it!