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Thursday, 11 October 2012

drawing a scene

Drawing a scene was easy for me because I love to draw and I already had in mind on what I wanted it to be like and how the game would work.Drawing a scene helps me to imagine how my game will work and how it will come out.It also gives me an idea on what I can add to my game and what I can do to it to make it better and improve it.Making my background in flash was exiting to do and I cant wait till it is done and working.


  1. ~Its good that you already knew what your game was going to be about!:) Can't wait till see what your game loks like and play it!~

  2. I have no idea of what ur game will be but it sounds like you love doing your game so far!

  3. I can't wait either... It sounds like you know what your talking about... That's good... Hope you have fun doing that :)